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finance in the field of innovative investments
We can multiply money

And they are ready to give you their knowledge, opportunities and experience.
The head of ISV Group is one of those 500 people who invested in the first ICO — Mastercoin.
It was in 2013.
The ICO market is experiencing rapid growth.
By June 2017, start-ups attracted more than $ 1 billion — 10 times more than for the entire 2016 year.
The accumulated experience helps us to accurately determine profitable ICOs, in which we can safely invest with a minimum degree of risk.
$ 3 million is our current turnover in this market.

Our services
Operations with crypto-currencies
  • We convert your money into any of the Crypto-currencies.
  • We carry out the opposite conclusion.
  • You do not need to understand the nuances of various exchanges and the intricacies of electronic purses or to delve into the jungle of the blockchain.
  • We do this for you.
  • You just watch.
  • We accept rubles, dollars, bitcoin and ether.
  • We help to make a profitable choice.
Income from ICO
  • We choose reliable tokens (digital coupons, the equivalent of shares) to place your funds.
  • You receive a income from 1.3% / day - 51% / month to from 5.0% / day - 150% / month.

Tariffs in USD

Deposit, from Deposit, to Days Percent Profit per month ROI
30.00 100.00 120 1.30% 39% 156%
101.00 300.00 120 1.70% 51% 204%
301.00 1,000.00 120 2.00% 60% 240%
1,001.00 3,000.00 120 2.30% 69% 276%
3,001.00 10,000.00 120 2.80% 84% 336%
10,001.00 60,000.00 60 5.00% 150% 300%

Interest accrual 7 days a week; the ability to create applications for withdrawal 7 days a week; processing time is no more than 10 minutes (automatic payments); the deposit is not refundable.

Last withdrawals

Роман +51.00 USD
Автоматическая выплата #7198 на вывод средств выполнена.
Сергей +0.51 USD
Автоматическая выплата #7197 на вывод средств выполнена.
Сергей +10.00 USD
Автоматическая выплата #7196 на вывод средств выполнена.
Adelya +23.02 USD
Автоматическая выплата #7195 на вывод средств выполнена.
Сакен +0.92 USD
Автоматическая выплата #7194 на вывод средств выполнена.
Алла +1.78 USD
Автоматическая выплата заявки #7193 на вывод средств выполнена.

Last replenishment

Игорь +0.55 USD
Ре-инвестирование: поступление на основной счёт
Мария +0.037067565000000 ETH
Ре-инвестирование: поступление на основной счёт
Сергей +32.00 USD
Сергей +320.00 USD
Deposit replenishment through AdvCash.
Ihor +5.00 USD
Ihor +50.00 USD
Deposit replenishment through Perfect Money.
Our online platform
is your tool for investment.

We have created a secure and easy-to-use capital management system. You will gain the access to it immediately, as soon as you register on our site.

You will have the following things at your disposal:


It is protected from external threats. Here you can recharge your balance, withdraw funds and watch your funds increasing.


We have the compensation fund of $2M that we will use in cases of loss. That is why we are ready to support your income with ICO in the amount of 51% per month.


– 14 professional traders

– 7 analysts that help us close 80% of transactions with positive gain

– We cooperate with the most authoritative analytical agencies such as Factiva, Associated Press, Reuters and Bloomberg.


A high degree of uncertainty is the flip side of the potentially high profitability of the ICO investment. Bad faith of counterparties, government’s sanctions, actions of criminal networks are only a few factors leading to losses.

We provide risk minimization of our investors. The knowledge of market allows us to avoid disadvantageous transactions. In addition, we have a refundable deposit that ensures the safety of your investment.

The probability of emergencies exists in any area of investment. However, in this case fatal losses are excluded. Even in case of the most unfortunate situation the professional strategic plan of our traders will give you the opportunity to get the money invested.

How we work
Sustained financial flow is the result of a recurring cycle:
  1. ICO market monitoring , pre-screening of potentially interesting projects
  2. Detailed multi-level assessment, when:
    • – the work potential of the project is determined at 5 years in the future after launch
    • – organizers personalities are examined
    • – collection and analysis of inside information is performed
  3. Making a decision about adding the project to the internal investment paradigm.
  4. Choosing the most convenient time for acquisition of tokens, the implementation of investment.
  5. The distribution of profits on deposits of our Clients.
Maximum transparency is the credo of the ISV Group. Proof of this - regularly published reporting.
We open not only the opportunity to
invest in ICO,
but we help to profit

Potentially high profitability is a significant reason for this kind of investment. However, acting on your own, there is a risk of you losing money. ISV Group serves as a reliable airbag for new market entrants.
You need look at the graph to confirm this.

From June to December we earned on investment in cryptocurrency and ICO

  • $2.500 million
  • And that is with just $500 thousand at the start
Partnership program
With us you can earn not only on deposits!
BONUS Program

The greater the amount of working capital, the higher the investment opportunities. The referral system is organized to increase the number of investors:

  • 4 levels
  • profitability 6% — 4% — 2% — 1%
  • bonuses depend on the amount of deposits
BONUS Program

8 star statuses. Payment depends on turnover of:

  • Your personal funds
  • New customers
The questions that are most often asked of us
51% is too much... How to believe you!
It's not exactly a question, but almost every investor uttered this phrase at the beginning .
However, let us remember that we are talking about the percentage. Simply put, 51 per cent of 1000 rub is only 510 rubles. But the same 51% of 10 000 rub is 5100 rubles. The more working capital we have, the higher our own income becomes. The investor gives the increase in turnover. That is why we give our customers more than we receive ourselves. An impressive 51% is the way of extension of the customers range.
How can I transfer money?
1. Through the payment system Advanced Cash, Perfect Money.
2. With wallet BTC or Ethereum.
How can I withdraw money?
You can withdraw money on the same card or wallet with which you’ve made the deposit. Your personal ID allows you to avoid intermediate links.
Is there a minimum contribution to invest in the ICO? How often can I withdraw the profit?
The minimal amount of recharging is $30.
Payments to all the participants are given once a week on Fridays. The minimum amount for a withdrawal of funds is not installed. Now payments are made in semi-automatic mode, but we are working on full automation of the process.
Why shall I appeal to you to buy cryptocurrency, if I can do it on exchanges?
We save your time. There are no more than 50 exchanges with the largest turnover, and they don’t have enough time to meet the rapidly increasing demand. So the service leaves much to be desired. In addition, unlike any exchange we accept rubles.
I want to invest in cryptocurrency profitably. Which one shall I choose?
The answer can be different every day. There are 1178 cryptocurrency nowadays, and their amounts increase every week. The cost of these assets is changing rapidly. For example, the growth rate of the second cryptocurrency after bitcoin Ethereum was more than 2000% and reached the rate of $407 from March 2017 to the middle of June. However, by 26 June, it depreciated by 60%.
Prognostication of the cost of currency is a difficult process, carried out at the interface of fundamental and technical analysis. In addition, it requires knowledge of the detailes and intricacies of this market, coupled with the human factor.
Did not find the answer to your question?
Ask him personally!
You can contact our consultants:
Across Telegram or write to our support team
We invite you to our information Telegram channel. Video conferences and news blog will help you keep your hand on the pulse of the crypto market.
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