Referral system

Join our partnership program and earn more!

It is no secret that the «grapevine» is one of the most reliable instruments for dissemination of information on the Internet .
We could spend hundreds of thousands of rubles every month on advertising in flashy Internet projects such as "Medusa" or "Snob".
But we decided that giving money to outsiders is not our way.
Instead, we have developed the rewards program for those who not only invest money, but invite anyone else to do so.

Our online platform ISV Group has the partnership program consisting of the two bonuses.
Each bonus is meant for solving different tasks that provide stability for all participants.

  • 1. The bonus program "Referral".
    It is meant for increasing the number of investors.
  • 2. The bonus program "Career".
    Contributes to the monetary aggregate growth.

How it works

After registration on our online platform, you get a link with a personal identification code.
When a new member clicks on the link and registers on the platform, he becomes your referral.
We pay you commission from his activities such as involvement of other participants and making deposits.
All referral activity is displayed in your personal account.

About the bonus program "Referral"

Those who are already familiar with the kinds of referral systems, noticed that we chose the most profitable option for our partners.
We have four levels of referrals.
Profitability 6% — 4% — 2% — 1%.

Let's assume that 5 persons clicked on your referral link, registered on the platform and invested money. They are your referrals of the 1st level.
Then each of those 5 involved 10 persons, so you have already 50 referrals of the 2nd level.
Then each of those 50 involved 8 persons. Thus, on the third level you have 400 referrals.
Even if each of them involves to the platform at least five persons, you will have 2,000 people on the fourth level.
Partnership Commission depends on the amount of deposits.

A minimal deposit on our online platform ISV Group is $30. Only the 4th referral level at a minimum threshold of investment gives an opportunity to get a reward of $600!

You get a commission when:

  • someone with your direct or indirect participation is registered on the platform and makes the first deposit;
  • Referrals of any level make new deposits.

About the bonus program "Career"

We are interested in the increase of our online platform turnover.
We are ready to pay a separate remuneration for an increase in the size of deposits.
You get it from your own turnover and the turnover of your team members at the same time.
In the example above, the referrals’ command consists of 2455.
The basis of the payment of commission is the total deposit of your own and of all the members of your team.
If each participant made at least a minimal deposit of $30, the total team deposit is 73 680 dollars.

There are 8 "star" statuses in this bonus program.

StatusTotal deposit $ Bonus, $
Procyon 10 000500
Rigel 20 0001000
Capella 30 0001500
Vega 50 0002500
Arcturus 100 000 10 000
Toliman 250 000 25 000
Sirius 500 000 50 000
Sun 1 million. 100 000

Let’s return to our example.
If every member of the referral team pay only a minimal deposit of $30.
According to the bonus program "Referral" the team founder will receive: 5×30×0,06 + 50×30×0,04 + 400×30×0,02 + 2000×30×0,01 = 9 + 40 + 24 + 600 = 673 $
According to the bonus program "Career" the account of the team founder will increase by: 500 + 1 000 +1 500 + 2 500 = 5 500 $
Totally with the help of the partnership program the team founder can earn 673 + 5 500 = 6 173 $

It’s not bad, is it?
Especially if you remember that there is a personal deposit that all the team ISV Group is trying to increase.
There is a special section in your personal account organized to control the engagement of referrals and the size of deposits.
You can see the number of participants of every level in the real time, and your personal career status.
You will get bonuses in your e-wallet.
Then you can withdraw them or use them for the further investment.

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