About us

We are opening the opportunity to invest in the most profitable segment of the financial market

ICO Startup Ventures or ISV Group is a team of professionals and an online platform for generating income from investing in Internet startups, carried out on the basis of a blockchain. Our online platform solves two global problems that are relevant to investors unfamiliar with the features of the crypto world.
1. Eliminates the technical barrier
2. Minimizes risks.

An Easy Way to Investing

For investments in ICO and crypto currency, you need to connect to a particular network of blockrooms. It is necessary to install special client software, after which your computer is inevitably used as part of the data storage and transmission system.
Registration on our platform eliminates the need for additional programs. All transactions are made from a personal cabinet without access to the network of blockchain.
To acquire tokens, you need a crypto currency.
Users of the ISV Group platform are spared from its independent purchase.
Their investment tools are traditional currencies — dollars and rubles. Investors already involved in the blockchain are able to place funds from BTC or Ethereum purses.

Return on investment

The reverse side of enchanting returns of tens and hundreds of thousands percent is just as high as likelihood of losing money. The legal status of ICO projects is absent. There is no state in the world in which there are legislative requirements for companies raising funds through the ICO.
Many projects are opened just to «earn» money. Of course, a company wishing to develop a start-up may become a participant in the ICO. However, no one is insured from bankruptcy. In addition, beautiful promises are not yet a guarantee that the founders of the project will finish the work they have begun and will provide investors with income for each token that they bought. A strategically correct selection of projects and the ability to leave the game on time is a universal recipe for the success of ICO investments. To use it, you need to evaluate Internet startups from different sides and be aware of all the undercurrents of the crypto market.
Is it possible for a single investor or even a few like-minded people with a competent distribution of functions? No. And not only because the volume of the ICO market is growing rapidly (in September 2017, 200 new projects were proposed). It is necessary to have not only a validated evaluation algorithm, but also resources that are capable of providing it.
Our investment group closes 80% of transactions with a positive value, which allows depositors to distribute a distributed income of up to 51% per month.

And now take a look at what we are able to achieve such results.

ISV Group is:

Centralized management system , which

  • A centralized management system that provides high quality investment decisions
  • excludes the probability of situations in which the "human factor" wins pragmatism and rationality.

We have:

7 analysts, who perform initial selection and in-depth evaluation of projects.

Among them:

  • IT professionals are extra-class, able to catch the slightest technical difficulties, threatening to cause further failures
  • Marketers who can see the real consumer potential of the project
  • lawyers performing legal due diligence of the opening ICO
  • specialists interacting with leading analytical agencies, such as Associated Press, Factiva, Reuters and Bloomberg.

9 employees , of crypto intelligence, collecting data on the founders of the project. These are experts who have access to databases of special services of several states, as well as to the archives of Interpol.

5 specialists, who control the current situation on the crypto market.

14 traders, trading in a non-stop mode, 24 hours a day.

Financial resource is the most important element of the investment system. The higher the volume of working capital, the more stable and reliable is the return on investment.
3 million US dollars - our current investment turnover.

We made sure that he experienced sustained growth at the expense of

  • number of depositors
  • absolute financial weight.

ISV Group operates a partnership program that provides two bonus packages.
This is an opportunity to earn money for those who, due to various circumstances, are not ready to make significant investments.



Deposit, from Deposit, to Days Percent
30.00 100.00 120 1.30%
101.00 300.00 120 1.70%
301.00 1,000.00 120 2.00%
1,001.00 3,000.00 120 2.30%
3,001.00 10,000.00 120 2.80%
10,001.00 60,000.00 60 5.00%


Deposit, from Deposit, to Days Percent
0.00300000 0.01000000 120 1.30%
0.01000001 0.03000000 120 1.70%
0.03000001 0.10000000 120 2.00%
0.10000001 0.30000000 120 2.30%
0.30000001 1.00000000 120 2.80%
1.00000000 6.00000000 60 5.00%


Deposit, from Deposit, to Days Percent
0.030000000000000 0.100000000000000 120 1.30%
0.100000000000001 0.300000000000000 120 1.70%
0.300000000000001 1.000000000000000 120 2.00%
1.000000000000001 3.000000000000000 120 2.30%
3.000000000000001 10.000000000000000 120 2.80%
10.000000000000001 60.000000000000000 60 5.00%